Our approach to lighting design

Our designs highlight the architectural features of the building or interior space while meeting the needs of those who use or inhabit it. We always look for energy efficient solutions that enhance the lighting design while reducing the operating and maintenance costs.

Architecture + Lighting Design
Alan Lindsley, the principal of Lindsley Architectural Lighting is also a nationally licensed architect. Prior to founding the firm, he worked for Gensler & Associates for 13 years and was VP at Brereton Architects for 4 years. His background in both contemporary and historic architecture has shaped the way he approaches lighting design, viewing lighting design as a way to enhance the architecture of a building or space. He develops creative ways of highlighting architectural features, using light and shadow to magnify the building design. Importantly, Alan is particularly adept at working with architects to develop lighting solutions that meet the needs of the client and complement the vision of the architect. Lindsley Architectural Lighting has a unique combination of creativity, architectural savvy and technical expertise.

Sustainable Lighting Design
The firm has a solid commitment to sustainable design solutions that spans several decades. Reducing the overall energy usage and waste is a hallmark of their approach to lighting design. This is manifested in lighting solutions that use LEDs and energy efficient fixtures whenever possible, installing and programming lighting controls that use light only when needed at the appropriate levels, and designs that focus on the interplay of light and dark, reducing the total number of fixtures. As a longtime proponent of dark sky ordinances all designs minimize nighttime intrusive light.

Further demonstrating the commitment to green lighting, Alan has launched Lindsley Lighting LLC, a sister company that designs and manufactures green light fixtures. These fixtures use only LEDs and feature materials that have recycled content and/or can be recycled in the future. These fixtures use custom LEDs that provide the warm light typically found in incandescent bulbs. To learn more about Lindsley Lighting go to www.lindsleylighting.com.

Historic Renovation
Over the last 20 years, Lindsley Architectural Lighting has become a leader in updating lighting in historic buildings. Most historic buildings have outdated inefficient lighting that no longer meets the needs of the current users. A new lighting plan can result in significant operating and maintenance cost savings while improving light levels and the flexibility of the lighting systems to address the current uses of the building.

Custom Fixtures
Most of the time, existing products can be used to fulfill the requirements of a lighting plan. There are times, however, when a custom fixture is needed. Lindsley Architectural Lighting has the creativity, technical know-how and manufacturing resources to create custom fixtures from concept to delivery.

Solar Power Evaluations
Looking for more sustainable energy sources, many states are planning and installing large solar power generation systems. The masses of solar arrays can create significant glare problems, with light potentially spilling onto roadways, adjacent buildings and housing, aircraft flight paths and natural parklands. Lindsley Architectural Lighting is working with the California Energy Commission to evaluate over a dozen large solar power installations. These projects include the evaluation of potential light trespass during the day and night through computer modeling and glare studies, and developing ways of mitigating the impact of unwanted light.